When thinking about your recording budget I realize its easy to get caught up in wanting to put out a 10-12 song album. After all, that’s what most of us grew up on and as artists you strive for when wanting to display your songwriting talents,  BUT…making albums cost money and if your on a budget then Less is More.  You are better off making 4-5 songs sound great opposed to cutting corners and compromising your product on 10-12 songs.

   Great production behind a song will help paint the picture of what the lyrics are trying to say and give more depth and meaning to the message of the song. That can only be achieved with thought and time and the proper budget for your Producer and Players to execute this.

   We now also live in what I call the “iPod” generation . With the ability to just release singles to mediums like iTunes, CD Baby…etc. many music listeners are now choosing what they like and are not committed to purchasing the entire album. So display your best songs along with quality production, your more likely to keep the listener engaged….for more then 30sec….


About bradprosko

Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Mastering/Musician/Song Writer

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