Rates and Info

    • Studio Rates: $50.00/hr. (includes Engineer)
    • A down payment of 50% of project/booked time is required prior to commencement of studio use. The remaining 50% of fees are due upon completion of project/booked time. In the event the negotiated fee ends up more/less than anticipated, the final payment will be adjusted accordingly.
    • Producer fees: negotiated prior to commencement of studio session.
    • Session Player Rates:
      • $100.00/ per song
      • Rates may vary depending on Players*
      • All session players (including myself) will require full payment of all related fees upon the completion of each day’s studio session.
    • Agreed start times between the Studio and Client will define the start of the billing period. Tardy arrivals &/or start times will be at the Clients expense.
    • All cancellations will require 24-hour notice. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 studio fee billed to the Client

Project or files will NOT be provided to the client until ALL negotiated fees & final payment have been received. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Gear

Stuff that will make you sound GREAT!!!

Gear is irrelevant…it’s the person behind it that matters.