There’s something bittersweet about wrapping up a project. So much time and attention is invested in each one.

Three of my latest projects are part of Rawlco’s Project 10K20 Saskatchewan. These lovely ladies, each talented and unique, are set to release their albums very soon.

Melissa Mannett is set to unleash Heroine on the world Tuesday, March 6th. Look for the first single Hero available on iTunes. This is more of the Melissa you love with a few treats.

Laura Roddick’s soulful and funky vibe is showcased for your listening pleasure on her album Soar set to release very soon. Some uber talented players showed up to be a part of this one. Always a treat.

Kerri Senkow is wrapping up in the studio over the next few weeks. Showcasing her song writing skills she brings yet another unique voice into the studio. The CD release party date is set in early May for this 8 song album to make its debut.

Thanks ladies for inviting me to be a part of your projects.

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