Nothing ventured…nothing gained…well the saying isn’t new but this blog is.

For those used to following Brad on Facebook and Twitter you’ll know studio news comes in fits and spurts. But with studio renos nearing completion it seemed appropriate to renovate the website/blog too. Consider yourself a fly on the wall from now on. Find out who’s coming in and what’s coming out of one of Saskatchewan’s busiest studios. Artists you already love, and those looking to earn it, all come though these doors.

No excuses not to follow! Seriously, I feel like we’ve spewed social media all over this page. Follow all y’all like on Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, and YouTube. For those who don’t like to follow (but prefer a more in your face approach) why not subscribe to the RSS feeds where we’ll push studio news updates and blog posts right to you on your mobile.

Feedback on the blog is welcome. More or less. More and less. Otherwise enjoy!

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